Empty Rhodes

Empty Rhodes is a psychological thriller that takes an in-depth look at the mind and life of Chester Rhodes, husband to his high-school sweetheart, devoted father, and sociopath. While Chester spends his days and nights seductively charming the local female clientele as a bartender at the Millstone pub, his loving wife Angela becomes increasingly suspicious of her husband's recreational activities and devious demeanor. The story reveals the many layers of the Rhodes family, focusing on the relationships Chester has with his wife, son, and father. As secrets become revealed, the tension in the family elevates towards a seemingly inevitable break.

House Guest

A vicious murderer is on the loose and the entire city is on edge.  It's the perfect evening to lock the doors and have a night at home with some friends.  But what happens if one of the guests you've invited, is in fact the brutal killer that the city is fearing?  House Guest is a tense thriller that locks you inside the doors of the Murphy home, where new relationships are formed, a Father and Son bond is tested, and a Brother and Sister struggle to stay alive.